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Safire FPD

Safire FPD



Improved image quality with dose reduction is the top theme in today's PCI. Shimadzu direct conversion dynamic Flat Panel Detector 'Safire' provides the solution for it with its high sensitivity (DQE) and superior spatial resolution (MTF). We are learning today's PCI trend and challenging to provide the best solution with Safire.

Features of SafireSuperior image quality

Direct Conversion with 150-micrometer pixel technology visualizes small/thin stent and micro catheter in outstanding sharp image quality, which satisfies today's PCI requirements.

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Dose reduction

High sensitivity and superior spatial resolution achieves further dose reduction in Fluoroscopy and Digital acquisitions. Dose reduction in long Fluoroscopy procedures in today's complicated intervention procedures is highly requested.

Wide FOV

Safire provides full coverage of conventional 9" I.I. FOV, and more about 12" I.I. equivalent size.

Clinical images

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Left Coronary Artery


Superior small vessels

Safire, it achieved wide dynamic range with the highest spatial resolution in the industry at 30fps. Clear coronary images are provided without halation effect from the lung area.

Best size for neurology

Safire, its superior spatial resolution is the large benefit to visualize cerebral small vessels, especially its peripheral part.

Wide coverage FOV

Safire, as it is a flat detector with superior spatial resolution, clearer peripheral small vessels are easily visualized on its entire field of view without distortion.