Shimadzu Corporation, making tea work for humanity

Shimadzu Corporation, making tea work for humanity

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Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

This system is an extremely precise analytical instrument that provides the foundation for developing next-generation technologies. It is not only used to analyze green tea, drinking water, and foods, but also water quality, air pollution, and so on, and supports advanced research in the life sciences.

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Hakusasonso is a residence that was used as an art studio in Kyoto, Japan where Kansetsu Hashimoto (1883-1945), a painter of Nihonga (Japanese-style paintings) lived and created his paintings. The 10,000 square meter estate includes a residence, three painting studios, a tea house, a personal Buddhist temple, and other architecture. The large strolling garden, designated as a national place of scenic beauty, extends across 7,400 square meters of the site and features many stone art pieces created between the Heian and Kamakura periods. Kansetsu Hashimoto’s sense of aesthetics is reflected throughout the garden and architecture, making the harmonious blending of garden and structures a key attraction of Hakusasonso.

Hakusasonso Website


Tea Fields of Wazuka

Wazuka is an area in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture. Surrounded by mountains and fresh streams, the villages dotting the valley still retain the rural landscape of old Japan. In Wazuka, the production of Uji-cha tea has continued for 800 years. Its long history is supported by the passion of tea farmers in Wazuka and the topography of the valley. Today, tea leaves produced in Wazuka area account for about half the tea produced in Kyoto Prefecture, and are known to be among the highest quality in Japan.

Wazuka-Cho Website (Japanese)


Shimadzu Corporation is taking on breast cancer.

Shimadzu Corporation is taking on breast cancer.