March 28, 2013 | News & Notices Establishment of Analytical & Measuring Instrument Sales Company in Taiwan

Shimadzu Corporation will establish a wholly owned sales company named Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (SST) on April 8, 2013 in order to enhance its sales and service structure in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, Shimadzu Corporation formerly sold its analytical and measuring instruments through local distributors. Shimadzu will establish the new company to start selling its products directly and enhance its marketing and technical assistance for distributors in order to improve market penetration of the Shimadzu brand.

SST will have an application laboratory where mass spectrometers(MS), high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) and other analytical and measuring instruments are installed. Using these instruments, SST will develop and propose on-target analytical methods to satisfy diversified needs of customers involved in R&D and quality control, to offer excellent customer support.

Public offices, universities, and the research sectors of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries offer the largest markets for analytical and measuring instruments in Taiwan. SST will work to increase Shimadzu's share in these markets while offering consumables and after sales services with the aim of increasing Shimadzu's sales in Taiwan to $13 million in 2017 which is approximately three times 2012's sales of $4.5 million.

Overview of the New Company

1. Company name

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (SST)

2. Capital

$900,000 (approx. 26,000,000 Taiwan dollars)

3. Location

Taipei city

4. Representative

President: Toshihiro TANAKA

5. Staff

13 (including one Japanese member) in the first fiscal year

6. Scope of business

Sales and service of analytical and measuring instruments in Taiwan and marketing/technical assistance for distributors

7. Area of business facilities

Approx. 700 m2

8. Annual sales

2013 (planned): $5.8 million
2017 (planned): $13 million

9. Established

April 8, 2013