June 7, 2013 | News & Notices Shimadzu Releases LC/MS/MS Method Package for Lipid Mediators for Enhanced Profiling Analysis in Biological Samples

A comprehensive analytical method for lipid mediators has been developed by Shimadzu together with the Department of Lipidomics, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tokyo. As a result of this collaborative study, Shimadzu announces the release of the LC/MS/MS Method Package for Lipid Mediators, enabling high-throughput profile analysis in the study of lifestyle-related diseases.

Shimadzu's Method Package for Lipid Mediators is designed for profiling analysis in various biological samples. It provides a ready solution for the simultaneous analysis of 130 lipid mediators and related compounds ranging from high to low polarities. Chromatographic separation, MRM parameters, preparation techniques, and internal standard assignments are included, saving the researcher time and money in the complex task of LCMS method development.

ESI negative ionization is commonly used for the measurement of fatty acids, but in case of cysteinyl leukotrienes, ethanolamides and lactones, ESI positive ionization is preferred due to the higher sensitivity. Traditional LC/MS is limited to single-polarity analysis, but Shimadzu's UFMS technology allows the LCMS-8040 to perform 15 msec polarity switching, enabling multiple classes of analytes to be analyzed in a single run without compromising data quality. The compound panel includes 79 compounds derived from arachidonic acid, 12 EPA-derived compounds, 11 DHA-derived compounds, 9 ethanolamides, and 19 other fatty acid-derived compounds.

The 130 compounds were divided into 13 groups based on the chemical property and each internal standard was appropriately selected for each group. It is possible to make the correction of quantitative value and the retention time to help you to make accurate peak identification.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Shimadzu LC/MS/MS Method Package for Lipid Mediators