August 29, 2013 | News & Notices New LabSolutions Direct Function Enables HPLC Access from a Smartphone or Tablet PC - Provides a remote operating environment for operations such as HPLC control, starting analysis, and analysis monitoring -

Shimadzu has added the LabSolutions Direct function to its LabSolutions LC/GC workstation. This function offers direct access from a smart device, such as a commercial smartphone or tablet PC, to an HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatograph) connected to LabSolutions. It permits real-time control and monitoring of instruments from remote rooms or facilities.

Remote HPLC access allows the operator to easily check the instrument status while conducting other tests, doing office work, or sitting in a meeting. Should an error occur in the analytical instrument, it can be checked on a smartphone or tablet computer and immediately remedied. This function further improves the efficiency of laboratory work.

* The LabSolutions Direct function can be added to LabSolutions LC/GC Ver. 5.57 or later.

Directly access the HPLC in a laboratory from a smartphone or tablet PC.

Directly access the HPLC in a laboratory from a smartphone or tablet PC.

Features of LabSolutions Direct

1. Remotely Perform All Analysis Operations

Offers direct access from a smartphone or tablet computer to an HPLC connected to LabSolutions. It provides a remote environment that supports a range of analysis operations, such as turning ON or OFF the solvent delivery pump and column oven, changing instrument parameters, downloading methods, starting or stopping analysis, and monitoring chromatograms and pressure values during analysis.

2. Simple, Easy-to-Use User Interface

Clear, easy-to-view screens support a range of operations, including selecting and controlling instruments, running analysis, and analysis monitoring. All functions are clearly arranged on compact screens. Asynchronous communications reflect all operations extremely quickly on the screens to provide a stress-free operating environment.

3. Simple Remote Environment with No Special Software Requirements

The smart device does not require special software to control an HPLC connected to LabSolutions. A simple remote environment is provided over a wireless LAN network using the Web browser in the smartphone or tablet PC. LabSolutions centrally manages all analysis method, analysis batch, and analysis data files.

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