July 4, 2014 | News & Notices Shimadzu Releases New "i-Series" of Integrated HPLCs, which Promote an Advanced Laboratory Environment

Shimadzu Releases New

Shimadzu Corporation announces the global release of its i-Series of integrated HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatograph) systems. The new series improves productivity and promotes an advanced laboratory environment with operation capabilities from the built in touch panel and a smart device, thereby enabling a PC-free laboratory. The i-Series consists of the Nexera-i, which supports ultra-high speed analysis, and the Prominence-i, which supports conventional to high-speed analysis. These integrated HPLC systems propose a completely new operating environment and realize a PC-free laboratory by enabling control of the instrument from a smart device, such as a smart phone, and via a newly developed Interactive Communication Mode (ICM). In addition to improved performance and higher reliability, the i-Series offers an intuitive operating environment that allows anyone to analyze samples easily. Furthermore, full automation, from startup to shutdown after analysis, and a direct access function that allows multiple operators to set samples at any time, provide for a more efficient workflow. Lastly, analysis methods created with existing HPLC systems, including non-Shimadzu systems, can be easily migrated to the i-Series. The i-Series is ideal for a variety of analysis workflows, including R&D, quality control and safety testing, in such fields as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods and environmental.

Background to the Development

The laboratory in which instruments are installed and the office in which operators perform day-to-day operations are usually far apart from each other. Consequently, analysts spend a great deal of time moving between both locations. The i-Series aims to improve the efficiency of the customer's workflow by realizing a PC-free environment that allows operators to control instruments and to check system status and chromatograms from anywhere. Moreover, the i-Series reflects customer requirements for improved performance, usability, and automation. Compared with modular systems, an integrated system is best for routine analytical operations. The i-Series of integrated HPLCs combines leading-edge functionality and performance with intuitive design in a compact body in order to support applications from routine analysis to R&D.


1. Realization of Advanced Laboratory (Innovative)

The new Interactive Communication Mode (ICM) feature enables operators to perform minimal operations to start an analysis via the instrument while the data acquisition is synchronized with LabSolutions workstation. Furthermore, analysts can use a smart device to start analysis and remotely monitoring system status and chromatograms without using any special software. These features allow easy access to a system regardless of the operating environment, such as the operation of a system installed under a hood, in order to analyze highly active pharmaceutical ingredients.

2. Maximum Reliability and Stability (Innovative)

The newly developed dual-temperature control function in the detector's optical systems and flow cells offers excellent baseline stability. This ensures reliable data unaffected by room temperature fluctuation. Compared with an in-Class HPLC system, the baseline fluctuation has been reduced by about a factor of 20. Moreover, the i-Series allows the direct injection of highly concentrated samples without dilution, thereby saving preprocessing operation. Even when injecting ultra-low volumes, such as 1 µL or less, the i-Series offers highly precise analysis with injection volume repeatability of 1% or less. In addition, the injection cycle time has been reduced to half of that of our previous integrated system. This reduces analysis by more than 47 minutes when analyzing 384 samples in four 96-well micro titer plates.

3. Achieving Easier Operation (Intuitive)

The i-Series systems incorporate 7-inch color LCD touch panels. The graphical user interface, with a design similar to that of the i-Series flow lines, allows even inexperienced operators to intuitively control the system. It displays system operational status and the chromatogram in real time. The LabSolutions workstation user interface also employs the same design as the i-Series' touch panel, providing intuitive operations regardless of experience level. Moreover, the i-Series employs a system check function that confirms consumables used as well as a navigation function that guides the replacement of parts in order to save maintenance costs.

4. Smart Feature Increase Work Efficiency (Intelligent)

The i-Series provides full automation of routine analytical operations. The entire series of operations can be automated, from startup, sample analysis and report output to shutdown. This improves analysis reliability and stability. Additionally, the instrument power can be automatically turned off after completing the workflow so that more than 95% of standby electricity can be saved. Lastly, the optimized system capacity ensures smooth method transfer from Shimadzu and other vendors' HPLC systems.

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