August 6, 2014 | News & Notices Shimadzu receives
2014 ‘Best in KLAS’ award for Digital X-ray
2014 ‘Category Leader’ for Digital X-ray Mobile

2014 ‘Best in KLAS’ award for Digital X-ray and 2014 ‘Category Leader’ for Digital X-ray Mobile

Shimadzu receives a 2014 "Best in KLAS" award for Digital X-ray.

Healthcare research firm KLAS released its annual rankings of the best-performing medical equipment vendors. The 2014 Best in KLAS: Medical Equipment and Infrastructure report ranked companies in 21 market categories. Eight vendors earned the Best in KLAS distinction in various market segments including computed tomography (CT), digital X-ray, automated medication dispensing for 200 or more beds and ultrasound.

Based on evaluations submitted by thousands of healthcare providers throughout the United States and Canada over the past 12 months, KLAS rankings measure a vendor's performance in areas like product quality, implementation, and service and support. A Best in KLAS award is reserved for top-rated companies in a select group of the largest and most impactful market segments.

Shimadzu has been bestowed the 2014 "Best in KLAS" achievement award for the RADspeed Radiographic table system in the "digital X-ray" category. The RADspeed DR was also awarded the "Best in KLAS" for 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012.

Also just announced in the same KLAS report, Shimadzu's trend setting MobileDaRt Evolution Wireless was awarded the "Category Leader" for Digital X-Ray – Mobile, three out of the last four years (with the first award presented in 2011).

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