August 25, 2014 | News & Notices Release of the iMScope TRIO Imaging Mass Microscope

iMScope TRIO Imaging Mass Microscope

Shimadzu Corporation has released the iMScope TRIO, an advanced imaging technology platform bringing together innovative mass spectrometry and high resolution morphological images. The iMScope TRIO builds on the iMScope developed in April 2013 as part of the Development of Systems and Technology for Advanced Measurement and Analysis Program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). It is the world's first imaging technology that supports high resolution morphological imaging from an optical microscope overlaid with molecular distribution images generated by high mass accuracy mass spectrometry with a spatial resolution of 5 µm.

The accurate and high resolution images from the iMScope TRIO will drive research in a broad range of biological and clinical applications including disease-specific markers based on differences in molecular distribution in normal and diseased tissues and pharmaceutical drug distribution, metabolism and toxicology.


1. Top Global Level in High Spatial Resolution Mass Spectrometry Imaging

The system is equipped with an ultraviolet laser that can be narrowed to a minimum 5 µm beam diameter. In terms of mass spectrometry imaging, it achieves a world leading spatial resolution of 5 µm. The system elucidates the layered structure of lipids contained in tissues as thin as the retina (10 µm thick).

2. Integration of Optical and Mass Spectrometry Images

Optical images obtained with a high resolution optical microscope and mass spectrometry images can be overlaid using a dedicated software application enabling information rich data analysis.

3. High Level Qualitative Analysis via the IT-TOF Function

High mass accuracy mass spectrometry data is generated by the ion-trap TOF MS. This technology delivers an unparalleled degree of information for molecular identification using MSn analysis. The design not only also supports high resolution spatial imaging but can be used as separate interface to LC for high mass accuracy LC/MS/MS analysis.

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iMScope TRIO Imaging Mass Microscope

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