October 1, 2014 | News & Notices Shimadzu Corporation launches innovative TMP-B300 "hybrid-bearing" turbo molecular pump series for analytical scientific applications market.


Shimadzu Corporation announces an expansion in turbo molecular vacuum pump business with the launch of the new compact and robust 'hybrid-bearing' TMP-B300 turbo molecular pump for vacuum industries and analytic scientific applications.

The launch of the TMP-B300 is an expansion in business area for Shimadzu Corporation from the applications of turbomolecular pumps for like as semiconductor and coating to the clean and ultra-high vacuum for analytical research.

The TMP-B300 is only 195 mm high, has an on-board controller, multi-directional mounting capability, operates at low power, and high back pressure resistance of 1000 Pa. The TMP-B300 will find applications in analytical research environments where clean and ultra-high vacuum is required such as mass spectrometer and scanning electron microscopes.

Turbo molecular pumps (TMP) produce a vacuum due to the high speed rotation of turbines that enables vacuum pumping at the molecular flow level. Traditionally, TMP have been essential components for the manufacture of semiconductors and flat panel displays where oil free, clean, high vacuums are essential.

Importantly, the TMP-B300 series was developed for vacuum industry and analytical scientific applications, where ultra-high vacuums are required, and TMP performance must satisfy stringent requirements of analytical scientific research where limited space, low power consumption, flexible mounting capability, and robustness, are key requirements.


Shimadzu Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of magnetic-levitated turbo molecular pumps (TMP) with Shimadzu TMPs being widely adopted for the manufacturing equipment of semiconductor devices and flat panel displays.

Notably, the new, innovative TMP-B300 series of turbo molecular pump were developed for the US$ 150 million market of small-size TMPs for analytical scientific applications and general purpose equipment, and constitute an expansion in business area for Shimadzu Corporation.

Main features of the TMP-B300

  1. Mount in any preferred direction (vertical, horizontal, inverted) to enabling installation in space constrained environments
  2. High compression ratio for hydrogen (1x105) for UHV operation with a smaller dry vacuum pump, such as a diaphragm pump
  3. Continuous operation at maximum backing pressure of 1000 Pa
  4. Integrated control panel for ease of use
  5. Low power consumption of 180 W
  6. Compact size measuring only 195 mm high