October 7, 2014 | News & Notices Release of New SCORE PRO Advance Angiography Image Processing Engine That Has a Possibility to Reduce X-ray Dose About Half

Shimadzu has released a new SCORE PRO Advance image processing engine for cardiovascular systems that offers high image quality at low exposure dose levels.

Due to advances in interventional devices in recent years, cardiovascular systems are serving an increasingly important role, not only as a conventional diagnostic imaging system, but also for supporting treatment procedures. At the same time, interventional devices are becoming miniaturized and further advanced procedures are being used for complex lesions. Consequently, the corresponding fluoroscopy exposure time is becoming longer as well, which has led to renewed demand for reducing exposure dose levels.

SCORE PRO Advance includes new motion tracking noise reduction algorithms, in addition to multi-frequency processing and edge enhancement cultivated as the real time image quality enhancement features in the previous SCORE PRO engine. This results in lower residual image and noise levels, so that satisfactory image quality can be ensured for interventional procedures even if the frame rate is cut in half (from 15 fps to 7.5 fps). Effectively, this means that exposure dose can be reduced to half the previous levels.

To allow supporting advanced treatment procedures, Shimadzu includes this new SCORE PRO Advance engine standard in all Trinias series and BRANSIST alexa series angiography systems.

Contrast Image of Left Coronary Artery
Left: SCORE PRO Advance Fluoroscopy Image at 7.5 fps, Right: SCORE PRO Advance Radiography Image at 15 fps