December 11, 2014 | News & Notices Further Improvements to Reliability and Efficiency Release of MobileDaRt Evolution, EFX Version A New Digital Mobile X-Ray System

MobileDaRt Evolution EFX Version

Shimadzu has released the MobileDaRt Evolution, EFX version. This digital mobile X-ray system can be moved to any location where radiography is required, enabling on-site examinations and image verification.

Capitalizing on the merits of efficiency and high throughput, this digital mobile X-ray system, which is equipped with a wireless flat panel detector (FPD), broadens its applications from clinical rounds in hospitals to critical care and applications at disaster sites, as well as operating rooms and neonatal intensive care units (NICU).
The Shimadzu MobileDaRt Evolution digital mobile X-ray system has been favorably received thanks to its excellent maneuverability, reliability, performance and ease of positioning. To date, more than 2000 units have been sold. In a customer satisfaction survey by KLAS Research, a U.S. based Research Firm, this system was named "Category Leader" in the field of digital mobile X-ray systems, for three out of the last four years (with the first award presented in 2011). This is truly an internationally top rated product.

Responding meticulously to the needs of the clinical environment, Shimadzu has further refined the MobileDaRt Evolution, providing excellent travel performance, operability, and high image quality, to the development of this new system, which further improves reliability and efficiency.
This system, which not only improves the workflow of the X-ray technologist but also reduces the burden on patients, will further support quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment at medical sites.


1. New Vibration Resistant DR Unit

Instead of a traditional hard disk drive, a high speed vibration resistant solid-state drive (SSD) has been adopted, thereby reducing the risk of data loss. In addition, the conventional system startup time has been substantially reduced to approximately 1 minute, allowing rapid radiography to be performed in an emergency.

2. New Energy Saving Collimator with a Bright Irradiation Field

LEDs have been adopted as the light source to indicate the irradiation field, increasing the brightness and contributing to improved operability for the technologist. This reduces power consumption to approximately one half of conventional levels while ensuring a long operating life, reducing periodic maintenance requirements.

3. LCD Monitor with a Wide Viewing Angle

The high quality images can be viewed from a wide range of positions around the unit, not only from the front.

4. Equipped with a New FPD

The addition of a new FPD increases the speed of internal processing, shortening the preview image display time to 2 seconds, contributing to improved procedural efficiency. The 17 x 17 inch FPD (CXDI-401 Wireless) design provides an IPX4 level of splash protection, so the unit is resistant to liquid penetration, making it ideal for operating rooms and emergency rooms.

The above products or specifications may not be available in some countries due to regulatory, administrative, commercial or any other reasons. Please contact your nearest Shimadzu sales representative for more details.