Shimadzu Presentation Digest at ASMS 2013

ASMS 2013 has duly concluded. We hope you had the opportunity to attend our events to learn how Shimadzu Mass Spectrometry solutions are being applied to a variety of analytical challenges by scientists around the world.

If you are interested in any of the scientific posters presented at ASMS 2013 by our research group and partners, please access the files listed below by clicking the titles and completing registration to literature service on the website. Registration is free, simple and only takes a few minutes.

Food, Beverages   ■Pharmaceutical, Life Science  ■Petrochemical, Chemical  ■Clinical research, Forensics
Environment  ■Instrumentation  ■Metabolomics, Lipidomics

■ Food, Beverages

Characterization of Flavonoids and Phytoestrogens in an Extract of Pueraria Mirifica by UHPLC-MS-MS LCMS-8040
Quantitative Analysis of Carbohydrates and Artificial Sweeteners in Food Samples Using GFC- MS with APCI Interface and Post-column Reagent Addition LCMS-2020
Method Development for Trace Level Detection of N-Nitrosamines in Beer by GC-MS/MS GCMS-TQ8030
Determination of 20 Phthalic Acid Esters in Alcoholic Drinks by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry LCMS-8040
Determination of Industrial Dyes in Food by LCMS-IT-TOF LCMS-IT-TOF
Determination of the Derivatives of Nitrofuran Metabolites in Marine Products by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography / Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry LCMS-8030
Rapid simultaneous assay of 23 mycotoxines in a variety of food samples by UHPLC-MS/MS using fast polarity switching LCMS-8040
Identification and Quantification of 19 Phthalic Acid Esters in Chinese Liquors Using GC-MS/MS GCMS-TQ8030
Rapid, high throughput quantitation of thujone in absinthe by UHPLC-MS-MS LCMS-8040
Overcoming Challenges of Protein Sample Preparation for Food Allergen Analysis LCMS-IT-TOF
Rapid analysis of triglycerides and fatty acids in food oils using DART-MS with high-speed polarity switching LCMS-8040
Queued and Ready to Run? Testing the Stability of Vitamin Extracts While in Queue Using Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS Analysis LCMS-8040
Determination of 68 Veterinary Drugs in Marine Products by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry LCMS-8040
Determination of 55 Residual Pesticides in Onion and Leek Samples Using GC-MS/MS GCMS-TQ8030
Determination of Fatty Acids in Foods Using Gas Chromatography with Positive-ion Chemical Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry GCMS-TQ8030
Determination of 200 Residual Pesticides in Food by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry LCMS-8040
Targeted Screening and Quantification of Pesticide Residuals in Tobaccos by Ultra Fast LC/MS/MS LCMS-8040
Analysis of multiple pesticide residues in salad using triple quadrupole GCMS/MS system GCMS-TQ8030
Micro Flow UHPLC-MS/MS in Pesticide Analysis of Infant Foods LCMS-8040
Applying Micro Flow LC and High Speed Data Acquisition MS/MS to the Analysis of Pesticides Residues in Complex Spice Matrix LCMS-8040
Quantitative Analysis of Trace Level Pesticides in Vegetable Foods by GC/MS/MS GCMS-TQ8030
Multiresidue pesticide analysis in crude food extracts using AOC-MEPS and LC/MS/MS LCMS-8040

■ Pharmaceutical, Life Science

Development and Validation of LC/MS/MS Method with Ultra Small-Volume Injection for Quantitative Determination of Alprazolam in Human Plasma LCMS-8080
Development of high speed CYP cocktail inhibition assay using UHPLC-MS/MS LCMS-8080
Characterization of products formed by forced degradation of Amlodipine Besylate using LC/MS/MS LCMS-8080
Detecting Nucleoside Post Enzymatic Cleavage Modifications in RNA Using Fast Product Ion Scanning Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry LCMS-8040
Identification of antibacterial component from extract of Garcinia indica fruit rinds using LC/MS/MS LCMS-8040
Study of antibacterial activity of Essential Oil components obtained from pericarp of Zanthoxylum rhetsa (Indian origin) using HS-GCMS GCMS-QP2010
Structural Elucidation of N-glycans Originating From Ovarian Cancer Cells Using High-Vacuum MALDI Mass Spectrometry AXIMA Resonance
Sensitive assay of free thyroid hormones by on line SPE-UHPLC-MS/MS in human plasma LCMS-8040
Fragmentation Outcome Modelling: Prototype software for prediction of CID fragment ions for small molecule structures LCMS-IT-TOF
Development and evaluation of Nano-ESI coupled to a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for quantitative proteomics research LCMS-8040
Strategies for structure elucidation using Ultrafast Mass Spectrometry (UFMS): Using nMS2 as an alternative to MS3 LCMS-8040
Novel bacterial classification method by MALDI-TOF MS based on ribosomal protein coding in S10-spc-alpha Operon at Strain level AXIMA Performance

■ Petrochemical, Chemical

■ Clinical research, Forensics

■ Environment

■ Instrumentation

■ Metabolomics, Lipidomics


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