AP Series

The Reason the AP Holder in Com bination wit h the Ionizer Can EliminatetheInfluence of Static Electricity on the Weight Value

Why is the AP Holder needed as a countermeasure to static electricity?

If the AP Holder and the STABLO-AP ionizer are used together, static electricity can be quickly removed from the entire test chamber, including the surfaces of glass containers, which helps to decrease the weighing time and improve reliability.


NG  The conical flask is directly placed on the pan.

The bottom of the flask is in close contact with the pan, so removal of the static charge is obstructed, leading to an unstable weight value.


Ions emitted from the ionizer cannot reach the bottom of the flask, so removal of static charge from the bottom of the task is insufficient. Therefore, Coulomb forces act between the surrounding metal parts and the windshield door, which affects the weight value.


OK  The conical flask is tilted using the AP Holder and placed on the pan.

The AP Holder can hold the container in a tilted position, so the charge can be reliably removed from the bottom of the container being mounted on the AP Holder.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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