UP Series

UniBloc™ Performance Balances

High Speed

High-speed weighing significantly improves efficiency of weighing operations.


Significantly Improved Response Provides Fastest Response Performance in Its Class

Advanced digital control technology shortens display response times to about one ninth of previous values when weighing minute quantities, which significantly improves work efficiency.


UP-Wind Break (large pan windbreak) (only for large pan models with 0.01 g minimum display value)

Newly designed UP-Wind Break included standard. It successfully reduces effects from drafts, such as from air conditioners, which helps improve the efficiency of weighing operations.



Highly Impact-Resistant UniBloc Sensor Minimizes Downtime


The aluminum UniBloc integrated sensor mechanism is precisely machined from a single block of aluminum alloy.

Because it integrates all the components used in the previous sensor unit without the need for any fastening screws, it is fastened without deflecting the elastic fulcrum, resulting in an exceptionally impact-resistant sensor that is unlikely to ever fail.


One Million-Cycle Endurance Testing

Engineered with the impact-resistant UniBloc sensor, they pass endurance testing with one million cycles.*

One Million-Cycle Endurance Testing


* Endurance Testing
Method: A 1-kg weight is moved on and off the pan at 1.5-second cycles.
Pass/fail criterion: Satisfies Shimadzu standards for routine inspections after the on-off cycles.
Note: Japan's Measurement Act specifies endurance testing to 100,000 cycles. UP series balances are tested to over ten times that level.


Full Aluminum Die Cast Housing Provides Excellent Chemical Resistance

The housing of UP series models is made completely of die cast aluminum. That makes them highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion for many years of worry-free operation.

Stress Free

The STABLO-AP ionizer (optional) eliminates static electricity effects to provide highly reliable measurements without any time-consuming steps.


STABLO-AP Ionizer (Static Remover)

AP Series Analytical Balances Available with the Ionizer Installed Internally (optional, sold separately)
The STABLO-AP (optional) is Shimadzu's solution for static electricity. By maintaining a superior ion balance, the static remover is especially useful for weighing powder and film samples.
Static electricity can cause measurement values to fluctuate or drift, even for 1 mg or 10 mg-level quantities. In addition to solving fluctuation and drift problems, the STABLO-AP also can improve work efficiency by preventing powder from clinging to spatulas.





The effect of static electricity remover -STABLO-AP-


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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