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Connecting to a Computer and PLC


Balance Keys Weighing Data Collection Software  (for Windows®

Once Balance Keys Windows®-based software is installed, analytical balance data can be easily loaded into Excel® or other software. The software can be downloaded free from the analytical balance website. Configuring settings for connecting to the analytical balance is simple and the software will help save labor and reduce transcription and other errors. It is also easy to record changes over time by specifying the output interval setting on the analytical balance.


[Select Balance model Window]

Select Balance model Window

Using this software, users can load measurement data directly from the analytical balance into Excel® worksheets normally used by the customer.

[Example of Worksheet for a Measurement Control Chart]

Example of Worksheet for a Measurement Control Chart

Proven Track Record of Compatibility with PLC

Proven Track Record of Compatibility with PLC

The UP series has a significant track record from being used in combination with various brands of PLC. Consequently, it is perfect for automation or internet-of-things applications. It can also be used to configure very robust systems. Analytical balance connectivity has also been verified in partnership with the following PLC manufacturers.

Manufacturer PLC Model Communication Unit Communication Method/Remarks Appearance
Mitsubishi Electric
Q Series QJ71C24-R2 Non-procedure method

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

KV-8000 KV-XL202 Protocol Studio
Non-procedure method


CJ2 Series CJ1W-SCU42 Protocol Macro
Non-procedure method


FC6A Series CPU internal or FC6A-PC1
communication cartridge
Non-procedure method
Created using special tool



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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