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LabSolutions Balance

Solution for Improving Productivity and Ensuring Data Reliability Compliance with Electronic Records/Electronic Signature (ER/ES) Regulations and Measurement Data Management System

LabSolutions Balance

LabSolutions Balance (Optional)

Analytical balance data can be integrated into a LabSolutions analytical data management system compliant with electronic records/electronic signature (ER/ES) regulations. It also provides support for compliance with data integrity guidance.


Solution for Improving Productivity and Ensuring Data Reliability

  • Eliminates manual data entry and saves all measurement data in a safe database without any transcription errors.
  • Reports can be created automatically after measurements, as appropriate for the given measurement method, such as for weight variation tests, loss-on-drying tests, or particle size tests.
    Reports can also be created customized to customer requirements, such as for system suitability tests, content uniformity tests, or elution tests, based on HPLC or other analytical results.

Solution for Improving Productivity and Ensuring Data Reliability


Compliant with the Latest Data Integrity Guidance (including 21 CFR Part 11)

  • Measurement results are saved in a database together with the sample ID, operator name, measurement date/time, serial number used, and other information, so that corresponding sample information can be quickly searched.
  • User access settings can be specified so only specified users are able to create measurement templates, for example.
  • Protects data from unauthorized modifications and unintended overwriting or deletion. Furthermore, analytical balance calibration results and all operation history events are saved together with corresponding reasons in the database as log events.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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