Printers for Shimadzu Balances

EP-110/EP-100 Features

Built-In Clock

Enables printing time and date information even with a balance that doesn't have a clock function.

Enhanced Support for ISO/GLP

EP-100 can output time/signature information. In addition to this information, EP-110 can output other information based on your demands together with measured values. See samples below for details.

OLED Dot Matrix Display (EP-110 only)

Offers easy-to-read, brightly illuminated OLED display.

Automatically Set

Automatically sets the appropriate communication with a balance. An operator doesn't have to worry about its setting.

EP-110 Provides further applications


  • Pipette calibration
    Calibrate capacity of pipette and flask
  • User-defined calculation
    Operator can set coefficients
    (handy for converting result to local unit)
  • Tare/Net/Gross weight printing
    Print out Tare/Net/Gross weight separately
  • SUM mode
    Print out the total values of samples
  • Averaging mode
    Print out the average of samples
  • Formulation mode
    Print out each sample's weight independently when blending samples
  • Comparator mode
    Print out result whether weight of sample is within target range
  • Interval printing mode
    Print out current weight at a regular interval


Printout Samples

Normal Mode

*Operator can choose items to print out.

Statistical Calculation Mode

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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