Analysis of PFAS Specified in EPA M537

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This application news describes the performance of Shimadzu LCMS for the analysis of 21 PFAS including all 14 stated in EPA M537 for drinking water.

Rapid and Highly Sensitive Analysis of PFAS Specified in EPA M537.1

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The EPA updated EPA M537 to EPA M537.1 in November, 2018. This application news summarizes the performance of the LCMS-8045 for all analytes listed in EPA M537.1. We demonstrate that the performance exceeds the requirements outlined in the method.

PFAS Analysis in Environmental Samples Specified in EPA M8327

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EPA M8327 is a testing method of  PFAS analysis for ground water, surface water and wastewater. This application news demonstrates that the Shimadzu LCMS-8050 meets and exceeds the Quality Assurance and Quality Control criteria specified in the method.