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An Enormous Quantity of Data Can Be Quickly Searched

LabSolutions CS provides integrated, server-based data management, which means that data can be browsed from anywhere. In addition, the data obtained from the analysis schedule can be looked for collectively and a wealth of search functions makes it easy to search for data of interest.

Capable of Analysis Even When the Server is Down

With general systems, when the server is down, analysis stops. With LabSolutions CS, even if a problem with the server occurs, analysis can be performed using the acquisition controller PC. In addition, after server recovery, the data from analysis results is saved automatically in the LabSolutions server via the acquisition controller PC.

Controlling Agilent's HPLC

It is now possible to control Agilent's HPLC instruments from the LabSolutions CS analysis data system. Each of the functions offered by LabSolutions CS, such as integrated database management of analysis data and method information and access to analysis data from each client PC, can be used not only with Shimadzu's HPLC, GC, and FTIR instruments, but also with Agilent's HPLC instruments. LabSolutions CS employs the method editing window and analysis monitoring window of Agilent's OpenLAB in order to support smooth transfer from OpenLAB to LabSolutions CS

User interface connecting smart devices to LabSolutions software "LabSolutions Direct"

LabSolutions Direct is a new remote access tool for the LabSolutions series that enables control and monitoring of HPLCs from a commercially-available smartphone or tablet PC via a simple user interface. LabSolutions Direct makes it possible to turn ON/OFF HPLC's solvent delivery unit or oven, start analysis, and monitor chromatograms. Thus, analysis can now be performed while checking instrument status from remove environments.

Multi-Data Report

In addition to the normal analysis report creation function, LabSolutions offers the multi-data report creation function that allows the user to prepare reports with combined data from various instruments. It provides report templates for system conformance, content uniformity, elution, and other standard tests as standard. The operational environment is the same as for Excel, making it easy to prepare report formats for various standard tests. In addition, this function supports automatic report printing and automatic generation of PDF files.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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