Shimadzu Total Solution for PIC/S and FDA Compliance

Network System to Regulatory Compliance

Shimadzu Chromatography Data System

Shimadzu's LabSolutions Chromatography Data System is the unified operation software. From testing analytical conditions to analyzing data and creating reports, it is designed so a wide variety of functions can be accomplished using simple operations. For validation, it is even flexible enough to comply with the increasingly important database management and networking requirements.

Features of LabSolutions


  1. Simultaneous control of HPLC and GC Systems
  2. Easy operation and more efficient analysis work using the quant browser and data browser
  3. Report with a high level of freedom from various analyses to summary reports
  4. Flexibility to expand from a standalone to a network system
  5. GxP compliant validation support functions
  6. GxP and Part 11 compliant user and data management features


LabSolutions CS
Freely Accessible to the Analysis Network

Since all analytical data are managed in the database of a server computer, LabSolutions CS can read data from any personal computer on a network. In addition, analysis directions and instrument monitoring and control can be performed from a personal computer (client PC) not connected to the instruments.
Moreover, client PC functions are performed on a server and client PCs corresponding to a Windows terminal service do not need to install LabSolutions software. Furthermore, LabSolutions CS corresponds to Citrix XenApp and can perform more advanced server management.

Recommended for the following customers

  • Facilities with a large number of instruments and users
  • Facilities interested in enhancing procedural efficiency
  • Facilities interested in enhancing managerial efficiency
  • Facilities where existing PCs can be used as client PCs


  1. The acquisition controller PC controls the analytical instruments.
    Analysis directions and re-analysis of data can be performed using a client PC.
  2. Analysis directions and re-analysis of data can be performed using a client PC.
  3. iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
  4. When using an iPad, the installation of Citrix's XenApp is required.
  5. Agilent's LC instruments can be controlled.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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