Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers

Achieves World-Class Lower Limits of Detection

Advances in optics and a new graphite furnace design achieve improved lower limits of detection for furnace analysis (comparison with previous Shimadzu models). This superb analysis performance is possible in all fields.

High-Performance Autosampler


  • Multi-element analysis of small sample voMix and inject up to four sample types (diluted solution, standard solution, sample, matrix modifier, etc.). (Unmixed samples can also be injected.)
  • Select a fluororesin tube or pipette tip as the injection nozzle.
  • Automatic dilution and re-analysis if the calibration curve concentration is exceeded.


Example of Automatic Dilution and Re-Analysis
Analysis of cadmium (Cd): The maximum concentration of the calibration curve has been set to 1ppb. At 1.8ppb, the sample of [003] has exceeded the maximum concentration. As a result, it has been automatically diluted by four times and re-measured.

High-Sensitivity Application Data (Analysis of Selenium (Se))

Independent control of the gas flow through the graphite tube during atomization achieves extremely high-sensitivity measurements. (Japanese Patent 2067563)

Measurement Example Showing High Sensitivity Analysis of 0 to 5 ppb selenium (Se): Sensitivity is adequate for 1 ppb measurements. (20 μL injected volume, Pd modifier, pyro-coated graphite tube)

Digital temperature control and electronic gas flow control enhance stability

Combination of a high-sensitivity optical sensor and unique digital temperature control technology achieves highly accurate temperature control in all temperature regions from drying to atomization. An electronic flow controller can precisely control the inner gas flow rate in 0.01 L/min units. These control techniques significantly enhance both the sensitivity and the data stability.

Measurement Example Showing High Stability
Analysis of 0.5 ppb lead (Pb): Approx. 5% relative standard deviation after five repeated measurements is adequate for quantitative analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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