Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers

Comprehensive Safety Functions in Every System

Safety is an extremely important consideration for flame atomic absorption spectrophotometers using acetylene gas.
The AA-6880 Series instruments incorporate a comprehensive range of safety mechanisms, including gas leak detectors.

Safety Functions for Flame-Specification Instruments

  • Multimode automatic gas leak check
    The fuel gas pipes inside the instrument gas controller are automatically checked for gas leaks when the power is turned on and when the flame is extinguished. Should a gas leak be detected, a warning buzzer sounds and a warning is displayed on the screen.
  • Automatic flame ignition and extinguishing
    Flame ignition and extinguishing operations are extremely simple. The Air-C2H2 flame priority ignition mechanism prevents flashback.
  • Automatic gas shut-off by flame monitor
    After the ignition of an Air-C2H2 flame, the flame automatically switches to an N2O-C2H2 flame. If the C2H2 flow rate does not increase due to solenoid valve trouble, for example, switching to the support gas is disabled to prevent flashback.
  • Pressure monitor prevents flashback
  • Automatic gas shut-off by flame monitor
  • Sudden power interruption detection and re-ignition safety measures
  • Mechanism to prevent misuse of the burner
  • Drain tank level monitor

Safety Functions for Furnace-Specification Instruments

  • Cooling water flow rate monitor
  • Argon gas pressure monitor Furnace cooling check
  • Overcurrent protection unit (double-checked by circuit protector and optical sensor)
  • Design for preventing miss-ignition

Safety-Conscious Design

Flame-retardant materials
UL 94V-0-rated flame-retardant materials are used for the instrument external
covers and atomizer unit. This superior design pays due consideration to safety.

Safe ignition switches
The switches perfectly fit finger contours and are positioned near the window.
To prevent inadvertent operation, both switches must be pressed simultaneously to start ignition.

Durable pipes and reliable couplings
All pipes are selected for durability and used with highly reliable couplings.

Clear window
The large window permits observation of the flame, and the burner can be easily accessed through the large opening. The window closes when released to eliminate the chance of it being left open.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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