The Wizard Function Simplifies Operations with Windows

The Wizard function guides you through all analysis setting procedures, including instrument setup and measurement parameter setup. Simply follow the onscreen instructions in each Wizard window. When finished, click [Next >] to proceed to the next window. The figure on the right shows the element selection window, where you can select multiple elements. Clicking [Next >] guides you to ...


... the editing window for calibration curve parameters and
sample preparation conditions.
Select the element to edit, and click [Edit...] to display the next
window. ...


Here, you can set the standard sample concentration, the calibration curve conditions, and the conditions applied if the autosampler is to be used. Click [OK] to return to the previous window.


When the conditions have been set, establish the transmission connection between the instrument and PC. Click [Next >] to proceed to the next window.


The monochromator setup window is displayed. The analytical wavelength and lamp current value for the element to be measured are read in automatically. Follow the Wizard instructions to configure the instrument settings, including those for line searches and lamp positioning in order to make full use of the lamp energy. To warm up the hollow cathode lamp for the element for the next analysis, click [Warmup Lamp...]. When the monochromator settings are finished, click [Next >] to proceed to the next window.


The atomizer setup window is displayed. While observing the real-time signal, manually set the fuel gas flow rate and the supporting gas flow rate. When all the settings are finished, click [Finish]. The Wizard will end, and the software will open the measurement window. The sample can now be prepared and the measurements started.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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