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High-Performance Boosted Hollow Cathode Lamp designed for AA-6880

The AA-6880 lamp house has an 8 lamp turret with an automatic switching function, where the No. 7 and No. 8 lamp holders can be used for both an ordinary hollow cathode lamp and a high-performance boosted hollow cathode lamp. The AA-6880 can simultaneously light any two hollow cathode lamps.
For the high-performance boosted hollow cathode lamp, an auxiliary cathode electrode is added based on two ordinary hollow cathode lamps. The atoms will be produced under the sputtering action in the hollow cathode due to discharging between the hollow cathode and the anode. The low-voltage high current between the anode and the auxiliary cathode provides excitation energy for the atoms, and such sputtering action and excitation action will be respectively controlled by two separate discharge processes. This greatly improves the excitation efficiency of the atomic spectrum. The high-performance hollow cathode lamp requires a dedicated power supply.
The AA-6880 main unit has a built-in high-performance boosted hollow cathode lamp power supply. Two high-performance hollow cathode lamps can be simultaneously illuminated without any external power supply.
An auxiliary cathode current can be automatically scanned, which only requires optimizing the test conditions.

Main Features of High-Performance Boosted Hollow Cathode Lamps

(Compared with Ordinary Lamps)

  • High emission intensity and good stability
  • High measurement sensitivity and low detection limit
  • Expanded calibration curve linear range
  • Reduced spectrum interference from adjacent lines, so a larger spectral bandwidth can be used to further improve the energy. In general, the electrodes of the high-performance boosted hollow cathode lamp, made by low-melting-point and volatile elements,such as As, Bi, Pb, Sb, Se, Zn, etc., show better application results.


  1. Comparison table for typical detection limits of the high-performance type and ordinary type hollow cathode lamp
Element Air-Acetylene Flame Analysis Graphite Furnace Analysis
Detection Limit (µg/mL) Detection Limit (pg)
Ordinary type High-Performance type Ordinary type High-Performance type
Pb 0.0279 0.0149 0.68 (10 µL) 0.42 (10 µL)
Zn 0.0019 0.0010 0.055 (20 µL) 0.025 (20 µL)

Product Information

P/N Measured Element Element Symbol
208-94046-01 Aluminum AL
208-94046-02 Antimony SB
208-94046-03 Arsenic AS
208-94046-04 Beryllium BE
208-94046-05 Bismuth BI
208-94046-06 Boron B
208-94046-07 Cadmium CD
208-94046-08 Calcium CA
208-94046-09 Chromium CR
208-94046-10 Cobalt CO
208-94046-11 Cupper CU
208-94046-12 Germanium GE
208-94046-13 Gold AU
208-94046-14 Iridium IR
208-94046-15 Iron FE
208-94046-16 Lead PB
208-94046-17 Lutetium LU
208-94046-18 Magnesium MG
208-94046-19 Manganese MN
208-94046-20 Molybdenum MO
208-94046-21 Nickel NI
208-94046-22 Palladium PD
208-94046-23 Platinum PT
208-94046-24 Rhodium RH
208-94046-25 Ruthenium RU
208-94046-26 Selenium SE
208-94046-27 Silicon SI
208-94046-28 Silver AG
208-94046-29 Tantalum TA
208-94046-30 Tellurium TE
208-94046-31 Tin SN
208-94046-32 Titanium TI
208-94046-33 Tungsten W
208-94046-34 Vanadium V
208-94046-35 Zinc ZN
208-94046-36 Zirconium ZR

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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