Energy dispersive X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer

Typical functions requiring an EDX specialist are automated and therefore samples can be analyzed by a novice. The EDX-LE permits high-speed screening of five RoHS-controlled elements plus chlorine (as an option). EDX-LE takes just 1 minute from the start of measurement to results evaluation (depending on the sample).
In addition to the high-speed screening, it maintains a high level of analysis reliability.

Easy, highly accurate screening

Start measurements just 15 minutes after turning on the power.
Measurement stops immediately after the target elements have been evaluated to save time, while ensuring highly sensitive and reliable analysis. Simple single-point calibration curves are registered in the instrument to allow quantification without the need for standard samples.

The analysis of a plastic (PVC cable insulation) is shown below. The OK, NG, gray-zone evaluation with respect to the control values is easily obtained.
* The control values in the results below are set to the maximum permitted concentrations under the RoHS Directive.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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