Energy dispersive X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer

As it may be necessary to change control values on a daily basis according to the product, the screening conditions can be easily changed to suit the control system. Efficient operations from the start of analysis to report creation are possible.
Software access restrictions prevent inadvertent changes to screening conditions by people without the authority to change the conditions.

Easy screening setup

A threshold value can be set for each material and element. The screening evaluation method can be changed according to how the threshold value is entered. The lower limit of the threshold value can be observed for each material as an aid to setting the threshold value.

The method of displaying the evaluation results in the report (OK, gray-zone, NG) can be customized.

The report style can also be set. A template supplied as standard with the instrument can be selected.

Condition protection

A password can be set to restrict changes to the screening conditions and preferences, enhancing the security of software operation.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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