Optical Emission Spectrometer

More Precise Analysis Achieved with a High Resolution Spectrometer

Use of a diffraction grating with a wavelength range suitable for ferrous or non-ferrous applications in Paschen-Runge mounting of 1000 mm focal length offers high-resolution measurements over a wide wavelength range. More precise analysis becomes possible by reducing the effect of spectral interference.

Stable and Proven Vacuum Monochromator

Phosphorus and Sulfur, important elements for the analysis of materials, have spectral lines in the vacuum-ultraviolet wavelength range lower than 190 nm.
In this wavelength range, oxygen in the air absorbs light, so the removal of oxygen is required. The PDA-8000 uses a proven vacuum monochromator to provide stable spectroscopic analysis.

Light Receptor Condensing System

Light passed through the exit slit is focused by a toroidal mirror on the photosensitive surface of a photomultiplier tube. This optical design enables stable measurement.

High Responsiveness to Changes in the Environment

The spectrometer is made from materials that change little with temperature. In addition, by being located in a thermostatic chamber with enhanced thermal insulation performance, changes in the ambient temperature do not affect the instrument, permitting more precise analysis. (Ambient temperature 15 to 30 °C, ±5°C/hour max.)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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