Introduction to Emission Spectrometry Applications

Sample No. Sample Name Comments
E97 Analysis of Cd and Hg in Aluminum Alloy Analysis of RoHS/ELV controlled elements Cd and Hg (C112-3067)
E96 Analysis of Cd in Brass Alloy Analysis of harmful substances: cadmium (Cd) (C112-3066)
E95 Analysis of Pb Free Solder Alloy Analysis of harmful substances: lead (Pb) (C112-3065)
E94 Analysis of White Metal and White Alloy Analysis of lead (Pb), tin (Sn), and solder (C112-3064)
E93 Analysis of Pure Copper and Copper Alloy Analysis of pure copper, brass, and bronze (C112-3063)
E91 Analysis of Bolt and Pin Sample Pre-treatment and optical emission spectrometry of bolt products and steel wire (C112-3061)
E89 Analysis of Nitrogen in Low Alloy Steel High-sensitivity analysis of nitrogen (N) (C112-3059)
E88 Analysis of Cast Iron Alloy Stability of carbon (C), silicon (Si), nitrogen (N) (C112-3058)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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