X-ray Diffractometer XRD-6100/7000
For Wide-Range High-Speed Detector “OneSight™”
Stress Analysis System

Stress measurement by X-ray diffraction

Non-destructive measurement
This attachment allows repeat measurements without any destructive process when the residual stress is measured.

No special skills necessary
Easily perform measurements without making difficult adjustments or sample preparation.

Stress analysis using X-ray diffraction

Stress analysis using X-ray diffraction

Stress chart and value is displayed by just loading data into the software after the measurement

It indicates a compressive stress if the chart is upward-sloping, and a tensile stress if the chart is downward-sloping.

Advantages after installation

High-Speed Measurement
Achieves a measurement speed approximately 10 times faster than a conventional scintillation detector.

Simultaneous Measurement with ONE SHOT Function
ONE SHOT function allows measurement at once without a scanning goniometer each Ψ angle.

Greatly Reduced Measurement Time
The measurement time is around one minute for qualitative analysis of stress state judgment, such as for compressive or tensile stress.
The measurement time is less than five minutes for quantitative analysis, including stress value calculation.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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