GC-2010 Plus Capillary GC

High-end Gas Chromatograph

Demands for higher sensitivity and trace amount analysis are rising as researchers continue to seek the means for developing value-added products and securing high quality assurance. Completely redesigned, Shimadzu FID and FPD detectors achieve the world's best sensitivity, allowing more trace amount analysis.


Flame ionization detector FID-2010 Plus
Thermal Conductivity Detector TCD-2010 Plus
Flame Photometric Detector FPD-2010 Plus
Electron Capture Detector ECD-2010 Exceed , ECD-2010 Plus
Flame Thermionic Detector FTD-2010 Plus

ECD-2010 Exceed

The newly designed capillary ECD cell incorporates Shimadzu's proprietary Contact Free Technology. This technology significantly reduces deposition of sample residue on the detector and radiation source. The new ECD has been optimized at all levels, enabling truly world-class performance. ECD-2010 Exceed provides solutions for PCB analysis, analysis of halogenated contaminants in water and waste water, and agrochemical residue analysis.

Agrochemical residue analysis

Pyrethroid agrochemicals 1ng/mL (1ppb) analysis. Samples with concentrations 1ppb or lower were easily detected.
Minimum detection quantity: 4.0 fg/s (γ-BHC)

FPD-2010 Plus

With improvements in the inner structure and optics, the new FPD-2010 Plus, which is used for analysis of organic phosphorus compounds and sulfur compounds has been greatly improved. This detector supports analyses that require higher sensitivity, such as trace amount analysis of pesticides and analysis of odor substances. Seen here are two analysis examples: one of phosphorus pesticides and the other of thiophene in benzene.

Analysis example of phosphorus pesticides: 5 ppb

Minimum detection quantity of phosphorus compounds: 55 fgP/s

1. Ethoprophos
5. Etrimfos
9. Chlorpyrifos
13. Isofenphos
17. Butamifos
21. Phosmet

2. Phorate
6. Dichlofenthion
10. Formothion
14. Phenthoate (PAP)
18. Sulprofos
22. Pyraclofos

3. Thiometon
7. Dimethoate
11. Fenthion (MPP)
15. Prothiofos
19. Fensulfothion

4. Terbufos
8. Tolclophos-methyl
12. Fenitrothion (MEP)
16. Methidathion (DMTP)
20. EPN

Analysis example: 20 ppb thiophene in benzene

Minimum detection quantity of sulfur compounds: 3 pgS/s

FPD-2010 Plus thiophene
FPD-2010 Plus Dual Focus System

FPD-2010 Plus

The dual-focus system has a lens on the interference filter. This lens efficiently condenses the light to a receiver of the photomultiplier.

FID-2010 Plus

Best-in-class FID sensitivity has been achieved through thorough cleaning of the detector gas line and by incorporating the latest noise-reduction technology. Following is an analysis example of n-C12, 14, and 16 in n-heptan solution.

Analysis example of n-C12, 14, 16 in n-heptane solution

Minimum detection quantity: 1.5 pgC/s

FID-2010 Plus n-heptan


Analytical conditions



Column Temp.: 

170 °C

Inj. Temp: 

250 °C

Det. Temp.: 

280 °C



Injection Method: 


Split ratio: 


Injection Volume: 

0.2 μL


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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