GC-2010 Plus Capillary GC

High-end Gas Chromatograph

Rapid oven cooling

graph column oven temperature gc-2010 plus

With the addition of a new cooling fan and superior air flow optimization, the oven cooling speed has been dramatically improved (450 °C -> 50 °C cooling time: 3.4 minutes). Rotation noise is minimal, and when using backflush, analysis time is even faster. Please see the Backflush page for more information.

Self-diagnostic function prevents failure

Useful for confirming proper operation, periodic diagnostics prevent unexpected downtime due to failure of the temperature sensor, control conditions, pressure of supplied gas, etc.

Gas-saver function saves carrier gas consumption

Lowering the split ratio during analysis using split/split-less sample injection decreases the carrier gas consumption by reducing the amount of carrier gas discharged outside from the split circuit.

Example of gas-saver function operation

carrier gas saver function

With this function, the split flow volume decreases from 50 mL/minute to 5 mL/minute one minute after sample introduction. When using an auto-injector with this function, the split flow rate remains constant between the end of analysis and when analysis starts the following day.

Hydrogen joints employ reverse thread to prevent incorrect piping (Safety design)

Tag Plate Hydrogen Line

The reverse thread prevents hydrogen gas from entering detectors via incorrect piping.
The tag indicates the direction of rotation.

Cut on hydrogen nut

The joint for the hydrogen gas has a cut on the nut to distinguish it from a normal joint.

Dual Injection System

GC-2010 Plus Dual Injection System

A dual-injector system can be configured using a combination of two AOC-20i autoinjectors and one AOC-20s autosampler. Two-line simultaneous injection doubles the number of samples, improving productivity.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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