GC-2010 Plus Capillary GC

High-end Gas Chromatograph

On-Column Injection/ Programmed Temperature Vaporization Unit



The OCI/PTV-2010 is an injection unit suitable for compounds which easily cause thermal decomposition.

OCI: Cold On-Column Method
PTV: Programmed Temperature Vaporization Method


Syringe Simplified OCI

After a sample is injected into the injection unit at low temperature, the temperature rises to vaporize the sample. This method prevents thermally unstable compounds from decomposing and isomerising. In addition, the loss of high-boiling point compounds is small when samples are introduced into the column. Therefore, this method is applicable for samples of straight-chain hydrocarbons of carbon number about 100.

Handling has been simplified.

An improved OCI adaptor makes for easier, more accurate adjustment of the column to the top of the syringe in on-column analysis.

Simplified OCI method

When using an optional glass insert, the OCI/PTV-2010 allows direct injection to a narrow inner diameter capillary column. A pre-column of 0.53 mm I.D. is not required.

PTV injection

If the OCI adaptor is replaced with a fused-silica insert, this injection unit can be used as a programmed temperature vaporization injection unit with a split function. (In swithching between OCI and PTV, rearrangement of split piping is required.)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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