GC-2010 Pro

This product is only available in Europe, Southeast Asia and China.

Efficient workstation LabSolutions meeting customer needs

LabSolutions workstation fully integrates the functions of LC and GC

The LabSolutions series is the next-generation workstation software that integrates GC control, LC control, and other improvements in functionality, while maintaining compatibility with GC solution products. LabSolutions offers sophisticated functionality and easy operation.

LabSolutions workstation fully integrates the functions of LC and GC

LabSolutions  window

User-friendly interface
The assistant bar, data explorer and other user-friendly interface of LabSolutions can make the beginners master the instrument in the shortest time. Windows for operating the instrument and assistant bar panels can be customized according to the working environment of the system. Therefore, LabSolutions offers both ease of operation and extensive functionality. The new data browser is convenient for comparing multiple sets of data by enabling access to chromatograms, peak information and quantitation results from multiple data files at the same time.


Fast batch function simplifies the tedious process of creating sample injection sequence (batch file)

The fast batch function in LabSolutions makes it easy to create batch files. The fast batch window displays the sample bottle racks graphically in the system. The operator can directly confirm the location of the sample bottle through the window, so as to create the batch file faster and more accurately.


Fast batch window of LabSolutions

Fast batch window of LabSolutions

The gure corresponds to the position of the actual sample disk

The figure corresponds to the position of the actual sample disk


LabSolutions CS: free access to the analysis network

LabSolutions CS manages all analytical data on the network server, perfectly integrates lab and office, and can be controlled by other client PC in the network through analytical instructions, device monitoring and remote mode. LabSolutions CS can also directly control non-Shimadzu LC or GC hosts.

Regulatory compliance

  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (US FDA)
  • Compliance with the requirements for the use of electronic records and electronic signatures in drug approval or licensing (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan)
  • Compliance with the computerized system management policy of pharmaceutical and health product manufacturers (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan)

LabSolutions CS


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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