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Dedicated Columns



  • 5% diphenyl / 95% dimethyl polysiloxane
  • Optimized for PBDE analysis by EPA Method 1614.
  • Short column option resolves BDE-209 three times faster, with less thermal breakdown.
  • Unique deactivation gives higher BDE-209 response than competitor columns, for greater analytical sensitivity.
  • Exceeds EPA Method 1614 resolution criteria for BDE-49 and BDE-71.




  • Dedicated column for organophosphorus pesticides; best column combination for US EPA Method 8141.
  • Low bleed - ideal for GC-FPD, GC-NPD, or GCMS analyses.


SH-Rtx™-CLP / SH-Rtx™-CLP II


  • Dedicated columns for organochlorine pesticides and herbicides.
  • Low bleed - ideal for high-sensitivity GC-ECD or GCMS analyses.
  • Baseline separations in less than 10 minutes.
  • Analyze EPA Method 8081B, 8082A, 8151A, 504.1, 515, 508.1, and 552.2 compounds without time-consuming column changes.
  • Similar phases: DB-CLP1 / DB-CLP2




  • Dedicated columns for analyzing volatile organic pollutants by GCMS including methods TO-15, TMS, and EPA 8260.
  • Complete separation of U.S. EPA Method 8260 compounds in less than 10 minutes.




  • Dedicated column for FAMEs, specially tested with a FAME mixture.
  • Equivalent to USP G16 phase.
  • Similar phases: Select FAME, Omegawax


SH-Rtx™-BAC Plus 1 / SH-Rtx™-BAC Plus 2


  • Optimized column selectivities guarantee resolution of ethanol, internal standards, and frequently encountered interferences.
  • Robust and reproducible column chemistry ensures longer column lifetime and consistent results.


SH-Rtx™-5 Amine / SH-Rtx™-35 Amine


  • Dedicated columns for amines and other basic compounds, including alkylamines, diamines, triamines, ethanolamines, and nitrogencontaining heterocyclics.




  • Polar phase: Crossbond™ acid-deactivated Carbowax™ polyethylene glycol
  • Dedicated columns for free (underivatized) acids, some inorganic acids.
  • Resistant to oxidative damage.
  • Equivalent to USP G25 and G35 phases.
  • Similar phases: HP-FFAP, DB-FFAP, VF-DA, CP-Wax 58 CB, CP-FFAP CB, Nukol




  • Polar phase: Crossbond™ base-deactivated Carbowax™ polyethylene glycol
  • Dedicated columns for underivatized amines and other basic compounds, including alkylamines, diamines, triamines, nitrogencontaining heterocyclics. No need for column priming.
  • Similar phases: CAM, CP-Wax 51 for Amines, Carbowax Amine


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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