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PLOT Columns

SH-Rt™-Silica BOND


  • Bonded silica stationary phase minimizes impact of water, resulting in reproducible retention times for water-containing samples.
  • Versatile column ideal for analysis of light hydrocarbons, sulfur gases, halocarbons, and carbon dioxide.
  • Individually QC tested with sensitive C4 probes to ensure consistent selectivity.
  • Proprietary manufacturing process practically eliminates particle release, reducing downtime due to obstructed FID jets.
  • Similar phases: GS-GASPRO, CP-SilicaPLOT


SH-Rt™-Alumina BOND


  • The reactivity of the aluminum oxide stationary phase is minimized to improve column response for polar unsaturates, such as dienes, and the column's sensitivity (or response) ensures linear and quantitative chromatographic analysis for these compounds.
  • Highly selective for C1 to 5 hydrocarbons
  • Separate all saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon isomers above ambient temperatures.


SH-Rt™-Alumina BOND/Na2SO4

  • Na2SO4 deactivation
  • Acetylene and propadiene elute after butanes.
  • Best separation for butene isomers (impurities in butene streams).
  • Methyl acetylene elutes after 1,3-butadiene.
  • Cyclopropane (impurity in propylene) elutes well before propylene.
  • Similar phases: GS-ALUMINA, CP-Al2O3/Na2SO4, Alumina sulfate PLOT


SH-Rt™-Alumina BOND/KCl

  • KCl deactivation
  • Lowest polarity alumina column in Shimadzu PLOT columns.
  • Low moisture sensitivity reduces the need for frequent regeneration.
  • Acetylene elutes before n-butane.
  • Methyl acetylene (impurity in 1,3-butadiene) elutes before 1,3-butadiene.
  • Similar phases: GS-Alumina KCl, HP-PLOT Al2O3 KCl, CP-Al2O3/KCl, Alumina chloride PLOT


SH-Rt™-Msieve 5A


  • Stationary phase: Molecular sieve 5A
  • Easily separate permanent gases at temperatures above ambient.
  • Improve accuracy with sharp, symmetrical peaks for argon, oxygen, and carbon monoxide.
  • Similar phases: HP-PLOT Molesieve, CP-Molsieve 5A, Mol Sieve 5A PLOT




  • Non-polar PLOT column incorporating 100% divinylbenzene.
  • Excellent for analysis of C1 to C3 hydrocarbons as well as isomers and alkanes up to C12.
  • High retention for CO2 simplifies gas analysis; CO2 and methane separated from O2/N2/CO. (Note: O2/N2/CO not separated at ambient temperature.)
  • Use for analysis of oxygenated compounds and solvents.
  • Similar phases: HP-PLOT Q, CP-PoraPLOT Q, CP-PoraBOND Q, Supel-Q PLOT




  • Polar PLOT column, incorporating divinylbenzene ethylene glycol / dimethylacrylate.
  • Highest polarity porous polymer column in Shimadzu PLOT columns.
  • Highly inert for the analysis of polar and nonpolar compounds.
  • Ideal for trace H2S, COS, and mercaptans in hydrocarbon streams.
  • Similar phases: HP-PLOT U, CP-PoraPLOT U, CP-PoraBOND U


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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