Distillation Gas Chromatograph System

Distillation Gas Chromatograph System

Support for High-Temperature Simulated Distillation GC Analysis

The Shimadzu simulated distillation gas chromatograph analysis system supports analysis of high-boiling-point samples (up to 120 carbon number). Examples of analyses conforming to ASTM standards are introduced below.

Support for Crude Oil Analysis


ASTM D7169

The ASTM D7169 standard applies to crude oil samples with a final boiling point (FBP) exceeding 720 °C. Reference Oil 5010 was analyzed by the external standard method using a short capillary column with a thin film thickness.

  • Using CS2 quenching factors
  • Comparison check against reference oil distillation characteristics standard values



ASTM D5307

The ASTM D5307 standard applies to crude oil with a FBP exceeding 538 °C. A packed column was used for analysis by the internal standard method of samples, including those spiked with (n-C14 to n-C17) internal standards.

  • Display of fractions (mass %) above 538 °C



ASTM D7500

The ASTM D7500 standard applies to samples with an initial boiling point (IBP) exceeding 100 °C and a FBP less than 735 °C. In this example, the sample was analyzed by the total area method using a short capillary column with a thin film thickness. Polywax® 655 and Polywax® 1000 are also used to create the retention time – boiling point curve.

Dedicated Injection Unit Handles High-Boiling-Point Samples

Using an OCI-2030 on-column injection unit with the Nexis GC-2030 Capillary Gas Chromatograph achieves low carryover and provides analysis results with high reproducibility.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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