Nexis™ SCD-2030

Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detection Gas Chromatograph System

Best-in-Class Sensitivity

It is well known that the SCD gives the highest sensitivity for sulfur compounds among the existing detection methods.
By incorporating an ultrashort flow path and a high efficiency redox cell, the Nexis SCD-2030 further raises the bar for sulfur chemiluminescence detection.


Ultra Short Flow Path [Patent Pending]

In order to prevent losses in sensitivity, Nexis SCD-2030 introduces unstable components generated in the redox cell into the reaction chamber at the high speeds. This is accomplished by utilizing the industry's first ultrashort flow path. As the flow path becomes shorter, about 2.5 times higher sensitivity for both peak area and signal to noise ratio can be obtained when compared to other SCDs currently offered in the market.


Analysis of Trace Sulfur Compounds in Natural Gas [ASTM D5504 Compliant]

Chromatogram of a Standard Sample of 14 Sulfur Compounds
(1 ppm v/v) (50 μL loaded in the column)

*Each concentration of actual standard gas is 0.93-1.09 ppm.

Monitoring sulfur compounds is very important for protecting the valuable catalysts used in the reaction process. The Nexis SCD-2030 is capable of the high-sensitivity detection of various sulfur compounds contained in natural gas and petroleum products.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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