Nexis™ SCD-2030

Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detection Gas Chromatograph System

Optimized Applications

Reliable analysis with best-in-class sensitivity for fields such as petrochemical and food production.


Measurement of Sulfur Compounds in Gasoline [ASTM D5623 Compliant]

Quantification of sulfur compounds in gasoline is very important. The Nexis SCD-2030 offers linear sensitivity with respect to sulfur compounds, and since it is unaffected by hydrocarbons coexisting in diesel fuel, it is capable of highly accurate analysis.


Chromatogram of a Standard Sample of 18 Sulfur Compounds
(Each compound has a sulfur concentration of 10 ppm (w/w) )

 1 Methyl mercaptan
 2 Ethyl mercaptan
 3 Dimethyl sulfide
 4 Carbon disulfide
 5 2-Propanethiol
 6 2-Methyl-2-propanethiol
 7 1-Propanethiol
 8 Ethyl methyl sulfide
 9 Thiophene
10 2-Methyl-1-propanethiol
11 Diethyl sulfide
12 1-Butanethiol
13 Methyl disulfide
14 2-Methylthiophene
15 3-Methylthiophene
16 Diethyl disulfide
17 5-Methylbenzothiophene
18 3-Methylbenzothiophene
19 Diphenyl sulfide
    (Internal standard)

Repeatability (RSD%, n=5) and Linearity of Sulfur Compounds

Analysis of Trace Fragrant Components in Foods Using a Headspace Sampler

In combination with the HS-20 headspace sampler, the Nexis SCD-2030 can quantify fragrant sulfur components in beverages. Sulfur compounds play an important role as trace fragrant components in foods. While sulfur compounds heighten the flavor and aroma of foods, excess quantities will lead to bad odors. Additionally, they are used as additives to prevent putrefaction and to control oxidation.



Nexis SCD-2030 + Headspace Sampler HS-20

Chromatogram of Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Beer

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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