Dangers Associated with Gas Chromatograph During Operation

The following dangers could occur when operating the gas chromatograph using hydrogen gas.

  • If hydrogen gas accumulates in the gas chromatograph oven, it could potentially ignite. For example, if hydrogen gas is continuously introduced at room temperature into a 15 L enclosed space at a rate of 40 mL/min (recommended flowrate for FID), it is calculated to reach the explosion limit (4 %) after 15 minutes. However, if the gas concentration inside the space is not uniform, the explosion limit may be reached in a shorter time.
  • Hydrogen gas leaking from tubing could potentially ignite.
  • If hydrogen gas released from the gas chromatograph accumulates in the room where it is installed, it could potentially ignite.
  • If hydrogen gas is discharged from the high-pressure gas cylinder, sudden expansion of the gas could potentially cause it to ignite.

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