5D Ultra-e

LC-GCxGC-MS/MS system

The 5D Ultra-e (LC-GCxGC-MS/MS system) is a unique system that combines a comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatograph and triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with an HPLC system connected online. This system is the only one of its kind in the world. The online HPLC system enhances the power of comprehensive GCxGC analysis and simultaneously improves productivity by increasing automation. Furthermore, GCxGC system combined with an ultra fast triple quadrupole mass spectrometer allows both untargeted analysis as well as targeted analysis of components in complex samples. Consequently, the five dimensions provided by the LC + GCxGC + MS/MS system opens the road to analysis with even higher separation and higher selectivity.

* This LC-GCxGC-MS/MS system was developed by the group led by Prof. Dr. Luigi Mondello at the University of Messina and Chromaleont S. r. l. in Italy and developed into a product by Shimadzu Corporation.

Introducing the Next Advancement in Comprehensive Chromatography

Consolidation of Technology for Maximizing the Capacity of Comprehensive 2D GC-MS

GCxGC is often used for comprehensive sample measurements because of its superior separation capabilities. Nevertheless, GCxGC can be inadequate for extremely complex samples. Adding an LC unit, which involves a different separation mode, in front of the GCxGC unit allows more detailed GCxGC separation.

Highly Selective MS/MS Detection

This GCxGC system combined with an ultra fast triple quadrupole mass spectrometer unit allows both untargeted scan mode analysis and targeted MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) mode measurements.

The System

The system includes HPLC (Prominence) units, LC-GC transfer unit (AOC-5000 Plus and OPTIC-4PTV), GCxGC unit (GC-2010 Plus and ZX-2), and a MS/MS (GCMS-TQ8040). After the sample is injected into the Prominence HPLC, it is separated by normal-phase chromatography. Then the AOC-5000 Plus injects only the target fraction into the OPTIC-4 GC inlet. After separating the fraction in the GCxGC with a double-oven and ZX-2 thermal modulator, it is detected in the GCMS-TQ8040. This entire series of analytical steps can be executed entirely from the 5D Solution integrated software, which means the resulting data can be analyzed using ChromSquare 2D chromatography data analysis software.

*1: The OPTIC-4PTV is a product of GL Sciences B.V.
*2: The ZX-2 is a product of Zoex Corporation in the United States.


5D Solution Integrated Software

Dedicated software is used to control each unit of the LC-GCxGC-MS/MS system. However, 5D Solution collectively manages all of these control software programs, so that analysis can be started with a single click. Furthermore, continuous analysis of multiple samples can be performed.
The included linear velocity calculation software allows the user to view the calculated linear velocity values of the first and second columns while the optimal column inlet pressures are being specified, which provides powerful assistance for determining analytical conditions for comprehensive 2D-GC analysis.

Data Analysis Software for Comprehensive GC ChromSquare


ChromSquare 2D-GC data analysis software converts data obtained from the LC-GCxGC-MS/MS system to contour data (2D map). Chromatogram peaks appear as spots on the contour lines. These spots are used for qualitative and quantitative analysis. ChromSquare is able to display a summary of the corresponding second-dimensional chromatogram, mass spectrum, and analytical data together with 2D maps, which makes it easy to perform data analysis.

* ChromSquare is a product of Chromaleont S.r.l. in Italy.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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