Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Smart Operation

Creating an MRM analysis method requires determining the optimum transitions, collision energies, and other complicated parameters. In GCMSsolutionâ„¢ software, Smart MRM, the method creation function, creates optimized analytical methods by using the transitions data in the "Smart Database" file. When you want to perform MRM measurements of components not contained in the database, the optimal transitions can be automatically searched for using the MRM Optimization Tool.

Smart MRM

Smart MRM makes method development quick and easy. Whether starting from scratch to optimize transitions and collision energies for new compounds, or starting from an MRM database of known target analytes to build a custom MRM method, Smart MRM takes the stress and difficulty out of method development.

Smart Database

The Shimadzu "Smart Database" is a database file for creating the method files using "Smart MRM" function. In addition to compound information and transitions, retention index can be registered in the database file. Method creation can be proceeded without calculating the retention time by analyzing the standard samples when using the Automatic Adjustment Retention Time (AART) function. In addition to MRM information, Scan and SIM ion information, mass spectra and calibration curve information from the internal standard method can also be registered in the database file. This allows users to create their own database easily.


LabSolutions Insight

LabSolutions Insight quantitative analysis support software includes functionality for enhancing the throughput of multianalyte data analysis, making it especially helpful for routine analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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