Multifunctional Autosampler

Accommodates Three GC/MS Sample Introduction Methods

Choose between liquid injection, headspace injection, and solid-phase microextraction (SPME) injection. The sample injection method can be selected to suit the sample form and the components targeted for analysis.

Automatic Switching of Sample Injection Methods

The AOC-6000 automatically exchanges the syringe tools installed in the park station for each sample injection method (automatic tool exchange function). 

Automatic Switching of Sample Introduction Methods and Columns During Continuous Analyses
—Twin Line MS System

By using the AOC-6000 in combination with the Twin Line MS System*2, continuous analyses are possible while sample introduction methods are switched automatically.

Since the two injection ports on the Twin Line MS System each have their own separate column connected to them, even analyses that require the use of different columns, such as analyses of mold odors and components of VOCs, can be carried out continuously without the need for releasing the MS vacuum. All that is necessary is to specify the injection port to be used within the method file.

This also assures a significant reduction in downtime, since there is no need for the time-consuming column changing task.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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