Comprehensive GCxGC System

GCxGC Handbooks have been prepared to introduce the fundamentals of GCxGC analysis and a summary of GCxGC applications. They are available in pdf format.

Professor Luigi Mondello, University of Messina, Italy

Document No. Title
(PDF, 2,358kB)
Application Compendium of Comprehensive 2D GC Vol.1-5
Introduces analysis applications that exploit the features of GCxGC,based on Professor Mondello's specialized field of foods and aromas. It provides a good understanding about the use of GCxGC techniques, even for people working in other fields.
(PDF, 1,725kB)
Fundamental Principles of Comprehensive 2D GC
Explains the principle of GCxGC analysis, GCxGC hardware, method optimization, data processing, and advances in GCxGC analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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