Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Smart Operation
Dramatic Improvement in the Efficiency of Multicomponent Simultaneous Analysis

The efficiency of multi-component simultaneous analysis is dramatically improved thanks to Smart SIMâ„¢, which simplifies and automates the method creation, and LabSolutions Insightâ„¢ software, which greatly reduces the time needed for analyzing data. In addition, databases specialized for specific fields are provided, so regardless of the field in which quantitative analysis is to be performed, highly reliable data can be obtained as the result of the optimized analytical conditions.

More Convenient Multicomponent Analysis Achieved by Smart SIM

The Smart SIM automatic method creation function automatically configures the SIM program to suit the retention times. 
Even in cases where there are a number of compounds and they are apportioned to multiple methods, the methods can be integrated while maintaining the sensitivity as is. This significantly reduces the number of analysis cycles and the measurement time, improving productivity.

All compound information contained in methods for currently used Shimadzu GC/MS systems can be stored in the database simply by selecting the files.


High-sensitivity, high-accuracy analysis is enabled in comparison to the group measurement method. In a batch analysis of 434 components, favorable repeatability and calibration curves were obtained, even down to the trace-quantity region, improving quantitative performance.


LabSolutions Insight

LabSolutions Insight has been designed to drastically simplify the review process and transform data processing.

LabSolutions Insight

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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