Thermal Desorption System



Operating panel Graphical user interface based on PC control
Control interface Serial port (9,600 bps)
Software operating environment Windows XP
Software Linked TDU control software and GCMSsolution (Ver. 2.4 or later) or GCsolution (Ver. 2.3 SU6 or later)
Continuous analysis: maximum number of samples 48 samples
Analysis method Analysis method can be switched during continuous analysis

Desorption unit

Sample tube Outer diameter: Approx. 6.35 mm (1/4 inches); Length: 90 mm
Heating temperature range 80°C to 400°C (unit: 1°C)
Flow-rate control range 21 to 150 mL/min (unit: 1 mL/min)
Sampling line temperature 80°C to 350°C (unit: 1°C)
Tube handling Capping/decapping mechanism based on stepping motor


Warming temperature range 80°C to 300°C (unit: 1°C)
Drive system Motor driven

Cold trap

Cooling temperature range From 50°C below room temperature to 0°C (unit: 1°C)At a valve warming temperature of 260°C to 300°C: From 45°C below room temperature to 0°C
Heating temperature range 80°C to 350°C (unit: 1°C)
Trap 2 (I.D.) × 100 mm; Packing: TenaxTA®
Heating time range 0 to 30 min (unit: 0.01 min)

TD-GC interface

Warming temperature range 80°C to 350°C (unit: 1°C)
Carrier gas control Electronic control based on AFC
Sample splitting Splitting possible at the inlet end of the GC column

Specifications described above are subject to change without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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