Thermal Desorption System

Simple Operations and Ease of Maintenance

Easy-to-Maintain, User-Friendly Design

With the TD-30 series, traps, O-rings, and other consumables and maintenance parts can be accessed from the top surface of the instrument, so replacement is simple.
The system is equipped with a software function that records the number of uses of consumables and maintenance parts, and notifies the user when a pre-specified number of uses has been reached. Accordingly, problems due to the operating life of parts can be avoided.


Problems with Tubes Are Prevented Using the Tube Protection Function and the Pressure Release Function

The TD-30 series features a built-in tube protection sensor, which significantly reduces tube damage during cap removal.
In addition, before the tube is removed, the pressure inside the tube is reduced, extending the tube's lifetime.


Reliable Analysis Is Simple to Implement with GCMSsolution Software

Method files for the TD-30/30R can be set for a GCMS batch using the optional software GCMSsolution TD Add-in.* Both GCMS and TD can be controlled from GCMSsolution without the need for additional software. This not only improves operability, but also prevents mistakes in applying settings.

*GCMSsolution TD Add-in is not compatible with LabSolutions GC. Overlapping will be deactivated by installing the Add-in.


Appropriate Measures When an Analysis Error Occurs (Skip Function)

If a user forgets to place a sample in the tray, or a leak error is detected due to a defective product, it's possible to select whether to stop the consecutive analysis, or skip that step and continue. As a result, precious time is not wasted by simple mistakes.

Effective Instrument Management Using Various Tools

The independent leak check function can be used for confirmation after maintenance, and to confirm the status of the sample tubes.
By using the trap tube conditioning function, users can reduce the background noise immediately after trap tube replacement.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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