GPC System Standard Items

Gel Permeation Chromatography System

This page shows a typical example of a Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) System configuration.

A differential refractive index detector, which offers comparatively uniform mass sensitivity, is used as the GPC detector.
PEEK tubing s often used as the connections for reverse-phase analysis. However, stainless-steel tubing is used for gel permeation chromatography of synthetic polymers. This is because stainless-steel tubes are more corrosion-resistant to THF eluent under high pressure than PEEK tubes.
**The model to the right for the SIL should read: SIL-20AHT

Description of Configuration

Product Name or Model Description
CBM-20Alite Card-type system controller. Built into LC-20AD or SIL-20AHT . Controls up to 5 units, including the one it is installed in.
LC-20AD High-precision solvent delivery unit.
DGU-20A3 3-way online Degassing Unit.
Reservoir tray Tray for eluent bottles.
SIL-20A HT Rack for 1.5 mL sample bottles supplied as standard.
Simultaneously purchase Vespel needle seal, 1.5 mL glass vials, etc.
CTO-20A Column oven
RID-10A Highly stable differential refractive index detector with dual temperature control.
LC workstation
Computer set (LCsolution Single). Also requires color printer, printer cable, etc.
GPC software This is LCsolution optional software.
Shim-pack GPC-80M + Shim-pack GPC-800P guard column is an example of columns for THF. Select the appropriate columns according to the measured mass range and solvent used.

Adding UV-VIS detector improves qualitative information
Adding SPD-20A/SPD-20AV contributes to the evaluation of the UV absorbance properties for polymer mixtures and to the measurement of additives. The SPD-M20A photodiode array detector easily acquires spectral data.

Technical Information

Description of Gel Permeation Chromatography
What is size-exclusion chromatography?
Size-exclusion chromatography is a separation mode that separates the molecules by size, and falls into two types: non-aqueous GPC and aqueous GFC. It provides molecular weight distribution information about how much of each molecular weight is included. Consequently, it is widely used for quality control applications to determine differences in polymer properties.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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