Online Analysis System

Online Analysis System

The Shimadzu HPLC online analysis system takes samples online from the production process, continuously monitoring the sample components for qualitative and quantitative changes.

Since the analysis results can be reflected in the production process in a timely manner, this system is extremely useful for ensuring product homogeneity, and for reducing production costs.
The Online Analysis System can be applied in a variety of fields:
Process monitoring in the synthesis of raw materials for drugs and chemical products.
Quality monitoring of plating liquids and cleaning liquids in semiconductor production facilities.
Non-contact testing and monitoring of chemical changes that are harmful to humans.

System Overview

The sample is took by the sampler, and a specified volume is filled to the sample loop, after which it is introduced to the HPLC. If the production process includes a sample solution tank, and the HPLC can be installed nearby, then the sample can be took directly from the tank. If the HPLC is installed at a distance from the sample solution tank, the sample is drawn into a flow vial using a separate pump, and is then sampled from the vial.

System Overview

Structure of the Specimen Sampler


  • Specimens automatically sampled online
    Even at sites remote from the production process, samples are took automatically using a flow vial. Specimen analysis is performed as is using the HPLC.
  • Highly flexible
    The Shimadzu modular HPLC has been adopted for analysis, with expandability and flexibility. Also compatible with column switching techniques in addition to the gradient elution method.


Typical Process Monitoring in the Synthesis of Chemical Compounds (Status 1 hour after reaction has started)

Since the analyzer uses conventional HPLC, with synthetic processes for example, not only the intended chemical compounds but also the raw materials and byproducts can be simultaneously quantified. Further, by using the optional software, a message can be displayed, and the user can be notified by email that the reaction has finished when the quantitative value of intended chemical compounds reach a predefined value.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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