SEC(GPC)-AccuSpot-AXIMA System


Analysis Example of Co-polymer

The following figure is an example showing the analysis and detection of minor homo polymers in a complex synthetic polymer sample. A two component copolymer [poly(methilmethacrylate-b-n-butylmethacrilate) (poly(MMA-b-n-BMA)] was used as a model complex polymer sample. Fifty fractions were prepared on a MALDI sample target by spotting GPC eluted solution every 6 seconds (T = 8 min 20 sec to 13 min 20 sec). Automated MALDI-MS analysis of the fraction collected at T = 11 min 18 sec resulted in the detection of two polymer series which could not be easily detected in the unseparated sample (see figure below). The newly developed GPC-AccuSpot-MALDI system facilitates the detection of PnBMA and PMMA homo polymer components, present as minor components, in complex copolymer samples, allowing Polymer Analysis calculations to be performed.

SEC Chromatogram

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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