UF-Amino Station

LC/MS Ultra Fast Amino Acid Analysis System

AmiNaviTM Dedicated Software Simplifies Operation

AmiNavi software supports all operations from analysis setup to checking quantitation results. Simply follow the on-screen wizard to create analysis sequences, check analysis results, or print reports.

Analysis Operation

AmiNavi completely eliminates the need or time to create complex method files or sequence files. Simply install the column, the mobile phase, and the autosampler rinse solution on the system and then run AmiNavi. The software guides the user through the rest of the parameters in order to create an analytical sequence. Once completed, load the samples and reaction reagents as directed and allow the software to run so that it can sequentially analyze the samples. The system will automatically shut down after completing analysis in order to conserve both power and mobile phase.

Checking the Analytical Results

AmiNavi displays the quantitation results when the analysis is complete. It automatically identifies standard sample peaks, creates the calibration curve, and performs quantitation of the sample solution. This makes it simple to observe the quantitation results for multiple samples without the need to perform any difficult or time-consuming analysis operations. The report template can be used to generate a quantitation results report with just one click.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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